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Summary: One health insurance company's unconscionable behaviour... ended up with 2 million dollars and 16 years wasted through predatory actions.*I was a small business and they withheld rules/feedback/interpretation to me over 8 years on Group Physiotherapy. *During this time the health fund regularly met with one other business assisting them to breach rules (switch patient receipt service codes for claims). *An ambush audit on me, occurred 40 days before releasing vital information to the whole industry and then later to me. *The audit contained significant, biased inaccuracies (pre-conceived outcome) *Electronic claiming switched off for this health fund. *The health fund allowed just one other business to switch patients service receipt codes for claims, the majority of 1,400 appointments a week, for up to 8 years.*Biased and unequal administration of practitioners occurred. *Escalation of the situation without a chance to make right occurred. *Upgrades occurred yet the health fund refused to re-audit for 4 years. *The health fund ignored the peak industry body findings of 'no issue'. on my service. *The health fund refused multiple attempts to attend mediation with a neutral party. *Failure to administer appropriately and aggressive denial of responsibilities led to the demise and forced sale of my business. *I was isolated and treated aggressively and vastly differently than all other practitioners through an abuse of position and power. This ended up with my 2 million dollar business investment  and 16 years (plus an extra 5 years of extensive research) wasted.



Private Health Insurance makes more money, the less they help people.

Excuses are made not to help you, for pure profit. It can be at times, a sick health industry.   


Ever been frustrated with a health insurance claim or company?

If so, my understanding is expressed to you. Sadly you are not alone. 


I am currently frustrated too. I had a dream, a 14 year in the making, up to 2 million dollar investment for YOU, the potential patient. I lost it all. It was an award-winning Physiotherapy based clinical exercise and rehab center. It was built to address acute conditions and chronic issues, surgery rehabilitation and the aging population, however, I was isolated and bullied out of my business by a hell-th (no, that's no typo) insurance company. I am not only frustrated but angry and gutted. These are my health insurance claims about one 'unnamed' health insurance company (Evidence is on the second page): 


Claim # 1: Incompetence and Discrimination

Claim # 2: Differences within the system

Claim # 3: Misappropriation or Manipulation 

Claim # 4: False Facts

Claim # 5: Intimidation and Bullying

Claim # 6: Authority angst

Claim # 7: Compensation Required


If by sharing the story, it helps just one person, navigate their way through the, often confusing and sometimes unfair health insurance system, my ambition has been fulfilled by this website. 


Congratulations, you have found me. You now are not alone. My name is Monte Elissa, I am the founder and former owner of a multi-award winning Group Physiotherapy facility. CLICK HERE It was lucky enough to win the overall business of the year for the whole of the Lower North Shore. It was a labor of love, it was my life's work and I was very proud of how I conducted my business.    


My service was one of the first to focus on Group Physiotherapy as its main service. The challenge was, there was no model to follow, however, it was an opportunity to be creative utilising a 'what's required for patients and the community' approach. There was a huge gap in clinical exercise care at the time, as not many Exercise Physiologists had established any services and few private Physiotherapists were providing professionally supervised exercise rehabilitation and Group Physiotherapy on any significant scale. There were few, community places to go to when patients were discharged from hospital rehabilitation following their surgery. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, the time was ripe to develop a medical exercise/ rehabilitation facility. 


Whilst keeping an eye on the day to day patients and clients needs, seeds were slowly being planted on the bigger picture and the business grand plan.  CLICK HERE.  << MUST READ

The ultimate ambition, the service pinnacle of helping spinal cord injured patients was shared with Mr. Abbott, who was the Federal Health Minister at the time. CLICK HERE. This goal was followed, not because it was easy, but because it was hard and worthwhile, being mindful of an IM'Possible consciousness. Mr. Abbott later came to visit, cut a red ribbon and kindly said a few commemorative words for the service. Thank you Mr Abbott.


I made attempts, through TV media, to stimulate interest and discussion surrounding spinal cord injured patients walking again. CLICK HERE.  My thoughts and ambitions were not so crazy after all, a paradigm shift was happening, based on science. A matter of when, not if. 


We had big plans, as we knew there was a domestic and international aging population, with a big job ahead to be done. Alarm bells were being sounded in the health industry, as it was becoming clearer, that the looming health issues of retiring baby boomers would have an impact. These are some aging population graphs, similar to what I observed and studied at University. 



Our future scope was to positively transform people's lives in a large geographical area, so we were laying foundations by initiating connections and relationships for a multinational company. We were using traditional organic business growth techniques (I spent about $30,000 on various development courses) and using reverse engineering business principles. With these insights, we secured trademarks in various developed countries including the USA, England, Canada, and China where we had visions to network and expand to.


Trademark in Australia  CLICK HERE.

Trademark in England   CLICK HERE.

Trademark in USA          CLICK HERE.

Trademark in Canada     CLICK HERE.

Trademark in China        CLICK HERE.


There is a saying, those people who are mad enough to change the world, do. We were, completely M.A.D. Motivated, Activated and Dedicated. The service was being built with blood, sweat and tears, with complete focus. I thought it was watertight. 


I wrote to many celebrities, government officials, medical specialists and people of note, to spread the word of what we were up to. CLICK HERE.<< MUST READ I even wrote to people like Christopher Reeves, Michelle Obama, and the Chinese Health Minister. Over 600 personal letters were sent and thankfully, many replied with sincere good wishes.  


Now, I am not here to blow my own trumpet.

I am here to share, the dream and how I lost it all. Maybe even inspire others to explore Group Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. To take on challenges and make a difference to our aging population, post-op rehabilitation, and disability.    

Yes, I lost it all, due to the unsavory administration activities, incompetence and questionable actions by one particular health insurance company which I am unable to name due to legal reasons. I can say though, they do things a little bit differently than other health funds. Continue reading in the next section below (Part B) but be sure to click onto the next page 'My Story'

(Part C) to view the shocking evidence in detail. You may have noticed already, the red "<< MUST READ" tabs. These, I feel are the important points of information to take note of, as you read through the story.  


This website has been created, for your educational purposes, by the culmination of 5 years of investigative work and the story of my forced business sale. I hope you find my evidence, taking a stand for honesty, an informative, captivating and hopefully useful, if not entertaining read. 


Health insurance is an industry that must refocus its motive from profit back to patients, appreciate hard working and caring practitioners. Many industry administrators are not health practitioners and I feel they are simply out of touch with health services. Sitting behind a computer and analyzing numbers on a screen, is a very distant approach to a people based service industry. The transformation which is desperately required will occur by sharing stories, one conversation at a time, I hope you share mine. 

Please read below (Part B), then after that, the next page (Part C) outlines my claims, with concrete evidence.


Read the full story now, in Part B- below.




.... put on your gas mask as we dive into the bowels of the private health insurance industry ...





HEARTLESS HEALTHCARE - This is my experience with a health insurance person- head of ancillary benefits, whom I will refer to on this website as Jody- not her real name, a health fund I will code as (HF) and the Private Health Insurance Industry.


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about my extraordinary experience at the hands of one of Australia’s, so-called, leading health insurance providers.


As mentioned I am a Physiotherapist and the founder and former owner of a multi-award winning 50s plus clinical exercise, Group Physiotherapy, and rehabilitation facility.


Yes, FORMER owner. Not by choice, but by the forces of others.


I am speaking out because I believe, through my own personal bad experience, that the aggressive insurance practices and profiteering in health care have simply gone too far.

Very directly pointing the finger- Jody, from health fund (HF), the way you have treated me is not OK. Chasing profit and bullying practitioners and small business to make it, is not on!


Have you ever suffered a significant unfair, life debilitating loss in your life?

I have been suffering for 5 years and the loss of my business, my lifelong career, my dream. For 5 years I have sought a resolution through the appropriate channels, but having exhausted all options to explore a resolution, without success, so far, I am now going public. At least, if nothing else, I want to shine the spotlight on what is happening in YOUR health insurance sector.


What you are about to read is an eye opener– a frank and honest description of my personal frustration and experience. So put on your gas mask as we delve into the bowels of the health insurance industry for the true story of how my life’s work as a patient turned practitioner, was ruined by parts of the private health insurance system - it stinks!


To appreciate why I am still fighting this battle after 5 years, you’ll need to understand the passion, commitment and overwhelming drive that went into establishing and growing my Physiotherapy career and my business.


At 17 years old, I suffered a dire arthritic episode, I had to leave school and my outlook on life changed. After returning to school, I went on to study Physiotherapy at Sydney University. Whilst at Uni, it became very obvious to me, that we had a huge looming health issue coming, with the increasing number of baby boomers. I had a dream to build a medical clinical exercise facility and rehab center. I did not know the term 'Group Physiotherapy' at the time. Exercise as therapy. Within months of completing my degree, I set about turning that dream into reality, developing and implementing those plans for the next 20 years. My initial intentions were to treat post-operative patients and osteoporosis conditions, through physiotherapy based rehab programs. 


Through the challenges of building an entirely new ‘concept service’ and business, I was inspired by a Christopher Reeves quote: “So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” I breathed those words for years, it was like an elixir fueling my spirit. 


My business, unnamed for legal reasons as it has been sold - was my solution to some of the looming challenges of the aging population. Active clinical exercise was formed. My approach to addressing the ever-increasing number of surgeries and many chronic illnesses.


With a high demographics of the over-50s population, I established my medical exercise business in a premier suburb in Sydney, NSW as one of the first private practices of its kind in Australia. A service built on a strategy of honesty, core principles of Physiotherapy and knowledge learned at Sydney University, plus the added insights from a profound discussion I had with a Ph.D. lecturer whilst at university.


Enthusiastic to put my service to best use, I created on paper, a future strategy that could assist spinal cord injured people, acute and chronic illness conditions, a student/ teenage mentoring program and also included an opportunity for investors. I wanted to symbiotically connect multiple levels within our community. My plans also considered cost factors, a plan to save money for patients, health insurance companies and the government. Creating 'Group' Physiotherapy services resonated with me, my solution based approach and putting patients needs, was a high priority.   


We grew into a strong position because of the referrals from doctors, the dedication of staff, the amazing clients we attracted, word of mouth and the dogged persistence we engendered. We patiently addressed each challenge as it arose, learned from the experience, created an extensive number of protocols and policies, before rising to the next level. It was obvious to any genuinely interested person, we had a robust approach to our methods and we were committed to going above and beyond what was expected. 


I was so amazed and relieved, that my dream was finally starting to work. My crazy ultimate long term goal, which I kept mainly to myself, was to develop a facility where people with spinal cord injuries would walk again one day. Not too far fetched an ambition when considering that stem cell research was progressing in leaps and bounds. A lot is possible these days, so why not reconnect damaged spinal cord nerves and help people walk. I wanted to be part of this exciting possibility. I believed that one day, with medical breakthroughs this would happen. I still believe this. 


In an effort to pursue this ambition, I reached out to specialists, organisations, health funds, celebrities, significant others and had many meetings with people in influential positions.


I was empowered by the celebrities who wrote back to me and other life-defining moments: attending Christopher Reeves Dinner where I met Hon Bob Carr who was advocating for progress at the time; winning the local business of the year award; Hon Tony Abbott commemorating my service; raising $10,000 for Paralympians; Kahi Puru- Paralympian appointed ambassador for my service and encouragement by the local mayors. This was enhanced by being embraced by the local community, media and networking with local hospitals and fellow health professionals.


Trademarks were secured in England, the USA, Canada, and China. My intentions were pure and seemingly simple - to make a significant difference and include all members of our community. A top to bottom, bottom to top approach. Where everybody benefits. 


For over a decade, the service was progressing, albeit slowly, amazing staff was contributing, unique and progressive systems were being developed and implemented and the community was embracing this original, breakthrough service. Huge plans, huge progress.


Health funds, other than health fund (HF), were open to meetings and discussing my service and plans, while (HF) was by far the worst at communicating and showed little interest in what I was creating. BUT, read on to discover how they were actually working to undermine my progress.


My business had a simple strategy. Share the costs of a practitioner by creating a group dynamic where everyone did their individual program and treatments at the same time. This was later called 'Group Physiotherapy' and included as a genuine therapy modality in the industry - as I had much earlier predicted.


I highlight 'individual' in this description, as it is key to the story in many ways. I am professionally offended and disagree that a group, called 'classes' of up to 20 people all doing the same exercises, on how it fulfills a professional model. Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) agreed with me. I believe this is a gym/business type model and does not place the patient in a position to maximise their individual needs and progress, as did my service.


To my horror, I discovered much later, that (HF) had been indulging in private meetings with one other Physio business- called (Business X) on this website, assisting in the misappropriation of code numbers for patients to claim and assisting in a style of Physio service delivery that compromises the foundations of core Physiotherapy principles. As previously mention, I believe this service was like a gym styled 'class' format.


It is unfortunate that (HF)’s, Jody encouraged and promoted such a model. The business that she ‘backed’ was promoted in (HF)'s publications and boasted having 1,400 appointments a week. A significant outlier and one of the highest number of appointments in private practice. 


I had inside information from various sources for years, about the nature of the service, I vehemently disagree with it on a number of points. So why was (HF) allowing the misappropriation of codes for them, reportedly allowing only 3 assessments to occur in 8 years and all clients, up to 20, doing a gym format style 'class' program? My patient who also attended there noted-"They would not know what current pain/issues I have". The whole incestuous relationship is just wrong.     


Whilst (HF) were having private meetings with this other business and despite ignoring my multiple attempts to communicate for years, the ambitions for my service developed and strengthened. This included, but not limited to being a market leader in Group Physiotherapy, developing the foundations for a multinational company and future plans to assist spinal cord injured patients.


Not for a moment did I believe I would do this myself. I believed (and still do) that an A-team would be formed, a large medical company would take over and one day achieve the amazing goals. I just had a vision, the will and simply planted the seed.  


Fast forward to the 16th of September 2013. (HF) audit of my business. The blackest day in my life and dare I say the worst day in the history of Group Physiotherapy. The day I felt knifed in the back by (HF). To me, the start of an extreme bullying campaign by (HF), to restrict and destruct my business.


This is how it all unfolded…


- Prior to the (HF) audit, (HF) blatantly withheld specific rules and information for Group Physiotherapy from me for 8 years. I asked for feedback/rules, no less than five times. No concrete rules or feedback to change anything in my Group Physiotherapy service was given by (HF), whatsoever.


- (HF) did an audit 40 days prior, yes prior, to releasing industry rules, writing personally to all Physiotherapists about 'Group' and 'Class' Physiotherapy.


- After (HF) withheld information, (HF) then gave me no chance to ‘make right’ after my audit and escalated the issue to the HCCC and Physio council. This is an extremely aggressive tactic.


- The peak industry bodies the HCCC and Physiotherapy council found ‘no issue’, yet (HF) did not comply with these peak body findings and continued to restrict claiming for my patients. Yet all other Physiotherapists were permitted to claim Group Physiotherapy.


- No re-audit was done even after 4 years from the initial audit, even though I believed we were fulfilling immediately whatever (HF) requested – and they kept creating more hurdles. (HF) declined to review my notes or systems even though I clearly stated I was fulfilling everything they wanted.

I felt (HF) was targeting and discriminating against my service, whilst at the same time allowing gross twisting of the system just for one other business. A business operating with the full knowledge of (HF) and it seems Jody who is actually involved with policy compliance management. Is this a person abusing their position and power?


- Whilst ignoring me and my requests for information, (HF) held private meetings over many years, with this other business- Business X. A business that they allowed to switch codes for claiming, for up to 10 years, up to 1,400 appointments a week. Claims included therapy for issues over periods of up to 8 years, possibly athletes with no medical condition and gross non-compliance to service descriptions.


- The above-mentioned service was actually mostly ‘classes’. A description, which fails the essence of what Physiotherapy really is. This service was a gym-style class format, one where participants all do the same exercises at the same time. Not individual treatments. 

As mentioned earlier, I don’t believe ‘classes’ are professional therapy. ESSA, I believe, rightly agreed with me and withdrew it as a national descriptor when I was invited to contribute as a stakeholder along with Medicare, DVA and health fund representatives.


The former (HF) CEO stated that (HF) had responded to all correspondence they had received from me. This is false.


I raised my concerns to the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman (PHIO) about (HF) management allowing the swapping codes, but he was not interested. He also did not seem concerned about (HF) customer service desk staff or another business involved in a culture of code claim switching. This raises the question, Who is taking a stand for integrity?


- (HF) on multiple occasions, I believe, acted in bad faith and manipulated processes to cover up their practices/ management culture. Even a (HF) very top staff member is blatantly lying as a cover-up. 


While all these events are my personal experience and opinion, all can be supported with concrete evidence and documents, much of which has been provided to various authorities and organisations. Yet surprisingly no disciplinary action was taken, that I know of.


This begs the question, why did this occur?

  • Greed, motivated by corporate growth?

  • Incompetence?

  • Professional misconduct?

  • Cover up?

  • Cascade of multiple mistakes?


Whatever the reason, the whole experience does not pass the common sense test.


Insights and Outcomes.


For those not in the physio or health providing sector, in a nutshell: (HF) would not accept my service as Group Physiotherapy, would not allow my patients to claim the fees BUT did allow other services to do so. The unfairness, extreme stress and worry affected my ability to function effectively. Patients faced with the added expense, ie not receiving health fund rebate, went elsewhere. One thing led to another and my business disintegrated to the point where I finally had to sell for peanuts. At the time of creating this information, I haven’t worked for over a year due to the extreme distress and disappointment of this experience. 


  • How could this happen? I gave everything to my patients/clients and the health system.

  • I developed a strategy that was low cost to patients, pro-active and accessible to the most vulnerable in our community - the elderly, disabled, medical issues and post-op surgical patients

  • I built my service with values of integrity, communication, teamwork, service, and fun. (HF) obviously did not share my values.

  • I felt I was subjected to manipulative behaviour, disconnection, isolation tactics and aggressive restrictions by (HF).  

  • Am I a victim of success (insurance companies manage by numbers and statistics) or tall poppy syndrome perhaps?

  • Am I an innocent casualty of the fallout between the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and (HF)? They had some contentious issues. 

  • For four years of absolute dedication, I addressed everything (HF) threw at me, literally fighting for my business and personal survival.

  • I felt (HF) raped my innocence, raped my business, raped my reputation, raped my existence and pillaged my dreams. Harsh analogy, but that's what I felt.  

  • We can judge a community, by the way, it looks after its elderly and disabled. I stood strong to uphold these values whilst developing my service. All this, in the face of, what I felt as (HF)  being grossly unjust and unfair. (HF) had their own agendas, which did not include my patients.

  • My case was clear cut, I felt I was subjected to aggressive, abusive practices by (HF) by withholding any productive feedback or any rules and regulations about Group Physiotherapy to me for 8 years.

  • I requested feedback and information for Group Physiotherapy on five distinct occasions over the 8 year period. (HF) I even had a copy of my patient notes for two years, I asked if everything was OK. No response.

  • I even offered my personal time to create rules for Group Physiotherapy with (HF). No reply. It is important to note here that (HF) knew about Group Physiotherapy service descriptors, the foundation guidelines for this service format, yet withheld this vital information from me.

  • Each health fund interprets the rules in their own way, so it is essential that (HF) is forward and transparent in its communication. That wasn't my experience.

  • Why would (HF) do that? Years later, (HF) audited my practice 40 days prior, yes prior, to releasing information to the whole industry, including mentioning service descriptors.

  • Post onsite audit, (HF) escalated the situation to the HCCC and Physiotherapy Council, can you believe, with no chance for my business to ‘make right’ any points (HF) raised. After, careful consideration, these two peak body organisations, the HCCC and Physiotherapy Council, found ‘no issue’ with my service.

  • I expected everything to go back to normal, right. How wrong could I be? (HF) continued to restrict all Group Physiotherapy claims to my patients, even though I was addressing all they wanted. (HF) were not complying to my strong and repeated requests to have a re-audit and remove the debilitating (HF) patient claiming restriction, which eventually went on for an agonising 4 year period.

  • Withholding a re-audit for this extended period of time, I feel it is a blatant and aggressive misuse of power.

  • This debilitating action and its effect forced me into a corner to sell my business. My options became very limited.


Caring health professionals, the fabric of the health system, deserve better. I deserved better. I feel (HF) pushed me out of business. I may not have a business but I still have a voice and I intend to use it for change and for good.


What else happened….

  • The PHIO, did not even read my 80-page senate-accepted report, which details my concerns backed with strong evidence

  • The Department of Health apparently, does not have an issue with health funds switching code numbers for claiming. No action was taken, no follow-up and no disciplinary actions.

  • Jody at (HF) and (HF) administration refuse to advise me of her manager’s details so I can follow up.

  • When approaching Sydney University for answers regarding private health insurance fund policy, the main person versed in health insurance at the department did not return my emails. He happens to be the former CEO of (HF). He won't return my emails when I asked him what was the source of his, false fact, that (HF) wrote back to all my communication. 

  • I was disappointed that more recently numerous emails to my Physiotherapy association policy manager, failed to obtain a reply and answers.

  • The Small Business Commissioners office, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), the ACCC, APRAH, the Department of Health all were unable to act decisively or in a way to address the relenting pressure from (HF) to prevent my business demise. 

  • (HF) ignored my request through Mr. Abbott's office, through the PHIO, for a list of action points. 

  • Every time I fulfilled one thing, (HF) found something else to withhold my patient claims.

  • As you can imagine, the growing unrest, the stress, and confusion took its toll and my local reputation, my biggest asset, was being impacted.  

  • Rightly or wrongly, it felt to me that the administrators I reached out to for support, were siding with (HF), rather than resolving my issue. I have mountains of evidence to believe this. 

  • Many health policy managers simply did not answer my questions and ignored replying.


Why are all these people in policy advising positions, not communicating and advising of policies and rules? Where is the transparency, education, and sharing?


To Jody at (HF), you are incorrect:-

  • I did not start my services after (HF) released Group code numbers for claiming. 

  • My services include Physiotherapy/ medical conditions.

  • You say that my service is just a gym- so why would I write to the Health Minister in my early years, stating I am not creating a typical gym, but a medical exercise facility ie rehabilitation.

  • If you are managing Group Physiotherapy I think you should know what the service descriptors are. When I asked in our post audit meeting, you failed to define them, yet you held my whole Group Physiotherapy business at ransom. 

  • You should know what a Physiotherapy initial assessment is.

  • And finally, I have never been refused the manger’s details of a staff member whenever I have asked at any business. Hierarchy and chain of command transparency is important.

  • Why are you and (HF) administration hiding your manager’s details?

From my experience and perception, (HF) personnel failed to implement transparent, ethical and honest administration processes. My experience was being ignored, treated differently, confusion of what I observed and being bullied by way of abusing position and power.


At the same time, I was shocked by what I believe to be the lack of any authoritative intervention, to the gross behavior (HF) were conducting.


(HF) knowingly allowed misappropriation of codes for claiming for just one business, for so many years, with so many appointments each week, 1,400 as reported in (HC)'s publication, it seems including claims without medical conditions to the value of millions of dollars. Misappropriating codes, that do not match service descriptions, is defined as professional misconduct- fraud within our industry. That’s exactly what (HF) was doing and you 'Jody' are an active member of the Fraud and Leakage Claims forums. None of your peers I spoke to, agree with health funds allowing the switching of code numbers for claims. It seems very convenient not to be able to say anything in detail due to 'confidentiality', even when I ask the answer to be in third person principles. 


It is important to note that not one other health fund I spoke to, agrees with (HF)s action to allow the misappropriation of codes, does not understand what (HF) did and would never misappropriate codes. I later found out that even (HF) customer service desk staff encouraged patients, to encourage practitioners to switch codes too. Why isn’t this blatant code misappropriation being addressed by authorities as professional misconduct/fraud? Who knows, time may tell. What the Hell-TH is going on in our health system?


How could all this happen to me?


I had been so pure with my intentions, I loved my work, I loved my patients, I loved my dreams, I loved my achievements. I action-ed all requests and hurdles (HF) continued to put in front of me, in a swift and timely manner.


Practitioners deserve better, patients deserve better, I deserve better. Truth and honesty must prevail for society to function. The health of people, the health of the community, the health of the system is in serious jeopardy when I believe, bad faith insurance administration and fraud like activities are occurring without regulation or recourse.


I have suffered and suffocated as an innocent canary, in a very toxic hell-th system.


I plan to share my story one person at a time with the hope it is then shared on, one person at a time. People of mature age and in aged care, not to mention disability are a very vulnerable population group. Many of us will be facing this scenario one day. Yet, (HF) has clearly shown that they don’t value community services, such as mine, specifically set up to support these vulnerable patients.


How can you just stop rebates to elderly patients without notifying them?


I have reason to believe, (HF) have 2 billion dollars in financial investments, generating profit, outside of their direct health care. Past investments have included tobacco industry interests. I don’t mind people making a profit ethically, we all have to exist. I am against bullies, dishonesty, and fraud like activities.


I would love to discuss this with the relevant people from (HF) on media.


I have left (HF) as a personal policyholder on the basis of my personal disgust and direct experience of what seems to me, to be a code misappropriation culture within (HF), direct favoritism and corporate financial forces at any cost. 


These are in conflict of my ethos to put honesty and the patient first, after all, it is for them the system is supposed to be set up for. Practitioners are front line personnel who infuse a healing and caring energy into the community. It would be nice if we were all treated the same way. 


Dear reader, I request you consider closely, your choice or not of a private health insurer, please pick one that has integrity. This is YOUR health system. Health insurance, from my experience, is more insurance than health. Please pick wisely. Please be aware, your choice, every choice, makes a difference. 


My experience has been extremely distressing. If this website stops (HF) misconduct by staff members, saves one health professional practice or even saves someone’s life due to (HF) bullying, then I have succeeded.


I own all my opinions and thoughts in this article, these are mine. This is my experience, what is yours?


All my information I believe is to correct at the time of release, January 2019.


Read Part C. Explore eyebrow-raising evidence, on the next page.  CLICK HERE